The Soul of Gardening

A really good friend of mine brought me an article that was actually about money, slow money to be more precise. What on earth does this have to do with gardening? Well, as I’ve discovered, it has everything to do with gardening. The author interviewed Woody Tasch and one of the comments he made I felt I had to share with the group. He was talking about the large agricultural food system that we support and how top soil was eroding which will affect our ability to feed our growing population (very pertinent observation considering the topic of our next gardening meeting on June 10th at High Street Station with Master Gardener Birgitt Evans).

Tasch is urging us to support CSA groups for example and bring the focus back to small scale agriculture. When asked what would be the one thing he would tell people to do it was this :”Grow some vegetables, even if it’s just herbs or lettuce or garlic. It’s hard for a thinking, feeling person to be involved in that process and not be amazed by it.”

I agree 100%. Every morning, I go to visit our raised beds in the garden and on Pam Pierce’s advice from her book “Golden Gate Gardening” have a cup of tea and watch the small changes that have taken place. I thought my tomato plants were not going to produce and just the other day, I looked closer and past the plentiful flowers, I saw some tiny green tomatoes. It’s amazing to be part of the process of growing something. In fact, that makes me think of another point Woody Tausch makes “if we don’t produce anything for ourselves, then all we have is purchasing power. Our money is our only protection against deprivation.” Right here in our backyards, we are producing something and even better producing for others who may not have access to land to grow their own produce.

Grow on gardeners!

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you so much for the mention of Woody Tasch & the Slow Money movement! It is definitely gaining strength, and more & more people are taking notice. It certainly goes hand in hand with the movement back toward growing one’s own food or at the very least really being aware of where it comes from. Please consider visiting our website and signing the Slow Money Principles, if you haven’t already:

    We have our 2nd National Gathering coming up next week, and are expecting over 550 people. Truly amazing!

    Thanks again, and I hope that you join us in the movement toward ‘bringing our money back down to earth.’
    Willow Blish
    Slow Money Alliance


  2. Gardening can be so rewarding! You learn something every day from your garden and once you are used to the flavour of your own herbs and veg you donĀ“t want to miss that anymore!


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